A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, 2nd Edition


  • "The book not only helps you learn how to create graphs but it also beautifully displays Stata graphic capabilities. With over 900 graphs, it explains the commands and options by building up complex graphs from very simple beginnings. The innovative color-coded two-level table of contents printed on the outer edge of the right side of the book makes it easy to see what options are being explained and to locate graph types and options." Scott Merryman (see the full review of the second edition)
  • "A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics is an exceptional book. Not only is it printed in color—and around 1000 graphs are included—but the book is also exceptional in how its elements—text, commands, graphs, table of contents—are put together and in the amount, accessibility, and documentation of the online supplements distributed with it." Ulrich Kohler (see the full review of the first edition).
  • "Stata's graphical facilities have become much more powerful over the years, and with power comes complexity. Michael Mitchell's VISUAL GUIDE TO STATA GRAPHICS does not attempt to tame the complexity; rather, it artfully displays it." Michael Lichter (see the full amazon review)

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