Data Management Using Stata: A Practical Handbook


  • "Michael Mitchell has filled a void. For anyone (statistician, clinician/researcher, data manager, and many more) using Stata for research, this book will be a very useful addition to their library. In contrast to other Stata books, Mitchell's work covers the technical details of how to actually manage your data. I have found that this particular aspect has been glossed over by most Stata books, despite its paramount importance. For those who are wondering, this book is quite different from The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata by J Scott Long. I have both and they both are well-used (I would say they are complementary). I enjoy Mitchell's writing style, which is informal enough to be approachable, but technically accurate and easy to navigate. The author is a well-known person within the Stata community who has credibility in this domain, and I thank him for creating this useful book." Philip Jones, (see the full amazon review)
  • "Michael N. Mitchell’s Data Management Using Stata comprehensively covers data-management tasks, from those a beginning statistician would need to those hard-to-verbalize tasks that can confound an experienced user. Mitchell does this all in simple language with illustrative examples. The book is modular in structure, with modules based on data-management tasks rather than on clusters of commands. This format is helpful because it allows readers to find and read just what they need to solve a problem at hand. To complement this format, the book is in a style that will teach even sporadic readers good habits in data management, even if the reader chooses to read chapters out of order. Throughout the book, Mitchell subtly emphasizes the absolute necessity of reproducibility and an audit trail. Instead of stressing programming esoterica, Mitchell reinforces simple habits and points out the time-savings gained by being careful. Mitchell’s experience in UCLA’s Academic Technology Services clearly drives much of his advice. Mitchell includes advice for those who would like to learn to write their own data-management Stata commands. Even experienced users will learn new tricks and new ways to approach data-management problems. This is a great book—thoroughly recommended for anyone interested in data management using Stata. Comment from the Stata technical group
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