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Updating tip

At work, a number of new people have been using Stata. That means that I have been installing Stata for a number of folks. Not only does this involve installing Stata, but it also involves updating Stata using the update command. At first I was using the update all command. As described in the help file, the update all command does the same as update ado followed by update executable and update utilities. A couple of times I ran into a glitch, one that pops up from time to time on Statalist. The update ado command works, and the update executable command downloads the update to the executable, but the final step (of performing the update swap) is not completed. (This is usually because the person does not realize that they need to perform the update swap command to complete the updating of the Stata executable.)

The result is that the ado files can be more recent than the executable, and until the executable is updated, some commands will not work because they are newer than the executable. To avoid this, I have started doing the updates in a different order. First, I use the

. update executuable

command to update the Stata executable file. I make sure that the update of the executable, if any, is complete. This can include using the update swap command and restarting Stata. Then, after the executable has been updated, I type

. update ado

This updates any of the ado files. After that is complete, I then run the

. update utilities

command. This updates Stata utilities including the Stata PDF documentation. This last step can take a while if there are many PDF files that need to be updated. However, I can pass the baton at this stage because I know that the executable and ado files have both been updated properly. This takes a bit longer, but ensures that the update is fully successful. For more information, you can see help update.

You can download the example data files from this tidbit (as well as all of the other tidbits) as shown below. These will download all of the example data files into the current folder on your computer. (If you have done this before, then you may need to specify net get stowdata, replace to overwrite the existing files.

net from net get stowdata
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